Over 1 Million Job Seekers Understand the Importance of Securely Archiving Valuable Former Boss Job References

Job seekers have long recognized the importance of having their job references checked through a third party such as JobReferences.com and of archiving of these reports for their possible future use.

The Job Reference Vault, JobReferenceVault.com will document and vault these valuable assets and send to potential employers which have been validated by a credentialed 3rd party when requested.

3 Critical Reasons to Archive Documented Job References for Your Future Career in The Job Reference Vault Documented by a 3rd Party Employment Firm

  1. You may lose touch with your references, and your reference report shows that person’s endorsement of you as recorded by a third-party provider, should you ever need to verify their statements. Most potential employers do check former job references.

  2. Your report confirms title and dates of employment, should you ever need to reference them. Over time, job seekers sometimes forget exact title and dates employed, and a potential employer could view their incorrectly listed information as a deceptive intent. Your reference report is an excellent tool to ensure you are listing all your employment information in an accurate and consistent manner.

  3. Should you receive a less than complimentary reference. Use these reports for legal action or possible litigation. Sometimes this action is taken years after your reference check has been conducted. You will want to ensure you have continued access to your data when needed, e.g., for some future court date.

If you have had a reference check conducted by reference checking specialist and are interested in archiving of your data in Job Reference Vault.com, please contact us at Jeff@AllisonTaylor.com or call us at 248.890.5645.

All you have to do if you do not have a client account is have your references checked and archive your reports for one year, or give yourself peace of mind in knowing that you will be able to access your report at any time by selecting the 10-year archiving option.